Writings From The Unknown13

The long road

ive been walking around here for way to long

trying to find myself

trying to find where i belong

but you drag me down

you try to take my freedom

you bring the worst in me

and i cant breathe anymore

i cant handle it anymore

as i start to fall, god catches me

as i cry, god gives me the strength to move on

the cuts, the bruises

the scars, the tears

are all memories of you

this is the only memory i have left of you

as you yell, i cry

as you scream, thats when i walk away

dont you see im trying 

i have changed 

but its still not good enough for you

as i cry, 

as i cut, 

as i bleed,

all you do is just get louder and louder and louder

as you get louder...

the more i die

the more i die inside


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