When you used to care

When you used to care;

I remember when you used to care
I'm not anything to do with you
I'm ashamed to say I loved you
Everyday you would say my name
Your voice giving me butterflies
But then you stopped
Became distant
Then I knew
I found out why
You have someone else
To call there name
To hug them
To bond
She doesn't care as much as I do
I'm desperate for your love
I'm desperate for you
You will never know
How much I care for you
I love you so
And I hoped you'd love me too
But In the end
I'm here because of you
I remember when you used to care
Take time to say hello
I wish she didn't ruin it
I wish we had it all to go
But it's okay now
Because you have her
And she has you
I remember when you used to care
But I did too

  • Author: skyy (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 9th, 2017 12:59
  • Category: Love
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  • swingline

    Your desparation is unhealthy . While in love you should learn to take from your partner . The more you take the happier you will be . And your partner should take all the love possible from you . Both parties become enriched and then have even more to give back . But if you start out giving you are only givin yourself away .

    • skyy

      Thank you for your opinion but you aren't in my shoes. It's a poem, not a life story

    • willow_tree

      i loved your poem it was something a lot of use feel

      • skyy

        Thank you so much <3

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        WELCOME SKYY ~ Thanks for your first poem ~ so so sad ! the ECSTASY and AGONY of LOVE are hard to bear and I have experienced the scenario you describe ~ A GF I loved dearly ~ let me for another. Fortunately I recovered and now have a New Love who says she will love me forever ! But each unrequited love liaison does leave its scars. I hope you found sharing your "sad love poem" CATHARTIC ~ You will find MPS is a very empathetic site ! Thinking of you ~ YOURS BRIAN. Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

        • skyy

          Thank you so much and will do 🙂

        • Mizzy

          I loved this poem, shall I run them over with me car? I don't mind.

          • skyy

            Thank you so much, and yes you should 😂❤

            • Mizzy

              I'm more than happy to xxxxx people fuk you up xxx

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