Reasons Why I Can't Say I Love You

Doll in Wonderland

Reasons why I can't say I love you,

To one of the most wonderful man I've ever met:

Because I love you so much,

It terrifies me 

Because I just want to hold my hands around your heart

And feel it beat like butterfly wings

Because I want you to feel mine do the same

But what if you don't want to?

Reasons why I can't say I love you, 

To the most amazing man I've ever had in my life,

Because I'm afraid I'm not good enough for you

Loving me can be like loving a tornado

Or like the calm after the storm

Depending on the day

But what if you don't can't weather the storm?

Reasons why I can't say I love you,

To the one person I really need to say it to, 

Because I have never said I love you first, 

To anyone, ever

And I've tried so many times, 

But I choke on the words

Or don't say it loud enough for you to hear me

When I do manage to try

You told me once I never tell you my secrets

And it crushed me 

I think if I could tell you this, 

I could tell you anything

You always seem to do things on my timetable

And I think that's why you haven't said it first 

But what if I say it, and you don't say it back???

I think that's the biggest reason 

I can't say I love you, 

To the man I love the most. 







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    Thanks DOLL fro a beautiful but enigmatic LOVE POEM. It reminds of the Song "You say it best when you say nothing at all" So my advice would be DON'T SAY ILY ~ but ~ JUST SHOW HIM HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HIM ! Yours BRIAN

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