I went down to the jungle.
Tigers sniffed me but I was not their favourite meat
Monkeys threatened from the trees but did not throw,
I was not the target they wanted to hit.
Snaked slithered by but did not coil around me.
I was not what they needed to hold.
Mosquitoes buzzed my ears and I waved at them but none wanted to drain me.
So I came home and wrote this poem.
I'm not food for any appetite
Maybe try a different jungle tomorrow.


  • Goldfinch60

    There are many jungles in life, I try to avoid all of them.
    Good write.

    • Jabberwocky

      I was born with a pith helmet. Jungles are my home
      That's ok. I'm more often the tiger than the deer.

    • swingline

      Every time I go to the Jungle I get jungle rot in my shoe , monkey butt , jock itch and a rash that someone said was claps or Ebola from someone's honeydews .

    • Tony36

      Well written and expressed

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