Poems From Formal Prayers Series - 2

Fits tune: Old 100th

('All people that on earth do dwell')


Heavenly Father, you promised

Through your Son Jesus to assist

Us, that when we meet in His name

You will come to us. you the same


The same Lord, who will, if we pray

According to His mind always

Be among us, and our prayers hear

Offered humbly with godly fear


In you love and wisdom fulfil

Our desires, and keep us from ill

God, us your greatest gift bestow

Which is you and your Son to know


Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord e'er

Who is alive, does your reign share

With the Holy Spirit, God one

E'en while eternal ages run



  • swingline

    Another inspiring lesson on the value of prayer . A valuable tool connecting our Lord and savior to us and God .

    • orchidee

      Thanks S.

    • Goldfinch60

      Good one once more.

      • orchidee

        Thanks G.

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