In the beginning, I listened and believed the words that uttered from your lips. I held onto every word as a toddler on a mother's hips. You gave this belief or shall I say fiction that I could depend on you like an addict with an addiction . I listened and clinged to every single word I heard but to only be disappointed and it was so upserd. To change my life around and turn all my world upside down, to believe what I needed to keep my heart afloat but to have it torn and broken by your absence and made out of a joke. In the beginning things were great and pure but with time which I gave you the person underneath all those beautiful words and smile was fony, a fake, a clown. Although starting over will be a challenge, I'll do it with my head held high and my dignity and pride. My new beginning believing and trusting God will be far better than I imagined inside.

We are all born surrounded by PEOPLE
Sometimes in a Maternity Ward with MUMMY
And the MIDWIFE ~ perhaps even DADDY !
Then we come home to Brothers and Sisters
And NEIGHBORS who tell us just how
BEAUTIFUL we are and Aunties and Uncles
And COUSINS ~ A wonderful extended FAMILY !
If we are born into a CHRISTIAN FAMILY
We are taken to CHURCH which is awesome !
Every one is dressed up and smiling and
Greeting each other ~ MUSIC is so Special
It lifts you up to Heaven and up to GOD !
I was dressed up in white Christened BRIAN JOHN

  • Authors: Ebony Queen (Pseudonym), BRIANSODES
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  • Finished: June 2nd, 2017 11:30
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Don't allow someone to guide your future or life.....
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