It's the chill of the evening air
When the cool wind and sweat make the perfect pair 
All eyes waiting on that first pitch 
Ball or strike it didn’t matter which 
She's the one that holds it all 
Win or lose she'll take the fall
But it's the feeling of standing on the mound 
The adrenaline rush with each heart pound
She's the one that will pitch until sore
Only to go home and throw some more 
Scanning the for her father in the crowd 
Doing her best to make him proud 
He will hardly ever praise her
Saying "you could have done better I'm sure" 
But he is usually always there
Sitting in the back of his pickup in a chair
She's a part of a team 
More like a family or so it may seem 
She does her best to do her role 
The sport runs deep in her soul 
But it's never about how good she does 
It's all about how good the game was
If they lose it doesn't matter the strikes she had
It's about the walks, the hits & runs, the bad
They rarely look at the errors in the field 
It's that first walk when the deal was sealed 
But even if they win there's something wrong 
She knows she could have done better all along 
But each game and season they do their best 
Hoping that one win will make them forget the rest
But it all comes down to that moment 
It's crazy how fast it all went
The last time they will play together 
The bond they formed nothing can tether 
A game that no one wants to see
A sad goodbye is what it will be 
So for the last time she takes her spot 
Winning this game would mean a lot 
But it won't matter the score 
Because she will always want to play more 
And she will start to cry 
When it's time to say goodbye 
If she could just have one more season 
Just one more reason 
To put on that dusty old glove 
And play the sport she loves
A chance to throw that one last strike
To play with those she likes 
All the seasons and the fun
Come to an end when it's said & done
In the end it's about how she played 
And the memories that she made 
It's about making a name and the fame 
It's about the love of the game 
It's really about it all
That one sport, that one love: Softball

  • Author: Gypsysoul (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 18th, 2017 12:57
  • Comment from author about the poem: I've played softball for as long as I can remember and nothing meant more to me than being out on the mound so i wanted to find a way to express my love and struggles with my favorite sport
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    WELCOME GYPSY ~ Thanks for a very beautiful and nostalgic poem. We don't get many Sport related poems ~ but this is a GEM ! It is throbbing with Rhyme (I love couplets) and Rhythm which makes it exciting to read and excellent to recite ! My sports are CRICKET (which is more complicated than CHESS) and Football (Soccer) Some of the top UK Football Players are paid £300.000 ($400,000) per week but I have only ever played Amateur @ School @ College and now (I teach Applied Science at a College). Sport does get in your Blood and your poem is a great tribute to the thrills (and spills) of SOFTBALL ! It always great when we get support from our parents ~ especially DAD ! Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B

  • P.H.Rose

    This so very good,
    I am from England
    And don't understand
    How this game is played
    But to be honest you
    Don't need to as this
    Poem is about a lot more.
    Such a very good work.
    I love it... Thank you
    For sharing it....P.H.Rose..

  • P.H.Rose

    Just realised this is your
    First poem... Wow..
    Well done....

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