Electra the parrot

Did her owner proud

Her colorful plumage

Always drew a crowd



She had a problem

She couldn’t speak

Not one word was uttered

When she opened her beak


Her owner had promised

He’d help her to talk

But try as he might

She only could squawk


Electra felt helpless

Feared she’d lose her home

And what would she do

If he left her to roam


Sadly she found out

Her fear had been right

When her owner said,

We can’t win this fight


I bought you hoping

We’d sit and chat

But since you can’t talk

Guess I’ll get a cat!


He drove to a pet store

Told the owner lots of luck

Since this bird can’t talk

With her, you’ll be stuck!


The pet store’s owner

Was a nice kind of guy

He felt sorry for her

As a tear fell from her eye


Electra you're so lovely

You glow in the sunlight

No need for you to worry

You’ve got a home tonight!


She loved her new home

Wasn’t kept in a cage

And when at the store

She was all the rage


Though she didn’t talk

No one seemed to mind

She loved the attention

And customers were kind


Then one day two crooks

Came into the store

Held the owner at gun point

And went for the cash drawer


Without even thinking

Electra began to yell,




The crooks were truly shocked

Did exactly what she said

Had she not spoken up

Her owner might be dead



And my verbal bird

I didn't have a clue

You could say one word!


She said,

Neither did I

But, when I saw you trouble!

I knew I must save you

And acted on the double!


From that moment on

They’d talk and they’d talk

Both were so pleased

She could do more than squawk
























    Thanks VAL for a Fantastic Poem ~ Fun to read ~ lovely to recite I will include it is my nest poetry reading ~ Love PARROTS they are so colourful ~ Nice if they talk and don't swear when your GRANNY come to visit. Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Yours BRIAN Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

    • valene

      Thanks B. for your kind words! Glad u enjoyed the read. your comment about a parrot swearing when granny comes for a visit, made me chuckle!

    • P.H.Rose

      Like this very much.
      Good write, well done..

      • valene

        thanks for your positive input. greatly appreciated!

      • Augustus

        What a terrific story. I loved it. I like the clean simple format with rhyme

        • valene

          thanks so much! your words are gratefully appreciated and have put a smile on my face....muchly needed on this dreary rainy day :)

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