What A Man I Seen

I remember a man I seen, His face was as rich as the love I share within me. He made me wonder what a handsome gentleman should act and look like. He came and I knew him through my cousin. He was a dream like you never would have experienced, a light that would make your day brighter, a root to my tree to keep me standing, and he is like the prince that you never would have dreamed of having. The "Love" I felt for this man was just a eye to eye indescribable kinda love. Never would have assumed a strong, and built young man would catch my eye quicker than a storm could ever had. If i could ever have the chance of seeing him again, What would my first word be?, What would I say again?, Maybe the best thing is to tell him the honest truth that I love him. Again brings me back to my statement "What A Man I Seen?". 



    WELCOME BC ~ Thanks for your first poem ~ Love the title and the story ! WHAT A MAN I SEEN. It is an experience many of us can relate to ~ In my case WHAT A WOMAN I SEEN ! We meet somebody in passing and never really got a chance to connect with them ~ in my case a beautiful Woman who moved through my vision and my mind ! I know if ever I see HER again ~ I will tell her I LOVE YOU ~ It happens. Thanks for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

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