Our Tragic Love Story

When a storm rolls in, I hope you think of me

As those dark clouds loom over, I hope you remember how it used to be

You’ll remember how I always loved to play in the rain

I know it’s wrong, but I hope these memories cause you pain

You could never see the fire burning within my eyes

But then how could you, it became a dull flicker with each of your lies

When it ended, I tried not to waste many tears

But it’s a little hard not to after all those years

After you ripped me to pieces and tore me apart

I decided you weren’t the person meant to tame my restless heart

Our love was no longer a game I could play

Despite how much I wanted you to stay

Could you not see the love when I looked at you?

How I got mesmerized in all the little things you do

But I think it’s time to leave the past in the past

Clearly some things just weren’t meant to last

And even though at times my broken heart still aches

I think it’s time we learn from our mistakes

And someday the fire in my eyes will return

And without you, even brighter will it forever burn

But still as you listen to the rain pour

I hope the loneliness creeps in more and more

And when you hear my whisper in the bitter winter wind

You will know that our story will have finally reached the end



    Thanks GYPSY for a a very elegant poem ~ dripping with rhythm and rhyming couplets ! It complements the so so sad subject perfectly of love ebbing away down the rain drain. I once made love (au natural and al fresco) in a thunderstorm ! We didn't die of pneumonia and (Thanks GOD) we are still Friends ! The beginning of you poem reminded me of the madness of that experience ! Thinking of you ~ praying for you ~ Yours BRIAN (Rain lover !) Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B

  • nancy akbari

    I liked it. It flowed and for once spoke the truth about the end of love.

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