Writings From The Unknown13

what was the point of falling in love when i knew you were going to break me since day one

we were a to good to be true fairytale and thats exactly how things ended up to be 

a to good to be true fairytale

its a shame that you were my everything 

and that you didnt care about me

and that all you did was walk away when i wanted you to stay

when i needed you the most was the moment you wanted her the most

we never lasted you couldnt even be my last 

you were just another scar 

you fucked up the trust for the one who is my last

i hope this is the last time i see your face 

i hope this is the last time i hear your voice 

last time i hear from you

last time i hear about you

last time i talk about you

last time i think about you

i hope this is the last time i curse out your name like fire

i didnt come here to die for you

i came here to live with him

you got me crying til i cant feel a thing 

you got me drinking til im numb

you broke me to the point where i was scared to fall in love again

you never knew what goodbye meant to me 

there was silence for so long and now your trying to be a part of my life again

your messing with my head 

your toxic 

you make me crazy

you make me lose my mind 

you claim you still love me

and i claim bullshit 

you claim you made a mistake 

i claim bullshit

this will be the last time i ever get disappointed from you 

it seems like every time im happy you come crawling waiting to attack and break things apart

this will be the last time for everything

because im not about to be dragged around like a puppet

  • Author: Writings From The Unknown13 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 19th, 2017 10:24
  • Comment from author about the poem: this is a song that im working on about how my ex messes with my heart
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  • Writings From The Unknown13

    wow i cant believe i ever thought that would be the last time after i wrote this..(stupid me) but im glad hes out of my life im alot happier now without him

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