Kaleidescope of Copulated Misery

When I fell for you
I betrayed myself

too love you
is detrimental
for my health

doubled grave enslaved
conclave of conformity

futile bravery a fave
of paved molding
heinous rave

onyx wave unfolding
cynicism graciously saved.

Tears produce obsidian
wax of enlightenment
kowtow to my essence

purging negligence
for shreds of experience

sideways elevators
of deliverance
stuck inside
of grievances

hit the self help switch
of tainted hypothesis

electoral collage
of collapse
swim in a quagmire
of resilience.

Rise on the backside
of an iron fist,

Machiavellian hieroglyphs
of auric deception
fear and loved thin line,

hesitation, either for
me or against I.

Marked as jaded
ruthlessly calibrated

fury piston implanting
fuchsia chamber disintegration

die inside the crest
of orgasmic onslaught

so you smile horizontally
from your withering eye.


  • Diamond

    Passion and pain trickles together in this poem. It feels in the heart.

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