My Dear Friend Ana.

Let me introduce myself.


All I care about is health

and making sure you’re thin

I’ll see to it that you lose that weight

and leave you feeling great.


I will be your best friend

together till the end.

You will learn to love me

as I count down from three.



more times you must exercise

till you want to die.



less meals per day

soon you’ll see no other way.



person left who cares.

You know I’m the only one who will be there.


After this simple count of three

hopefully now you see,

you cannot live without me.


I’ll get you to look in the mirror every night

and the numbers will give you a fright.

Every time they go up

put your head over the toilet

it’s time to throw up.


You will not see a life without me.

I am all you’ll ever be.


That’s the way life works with you and me.

Signed, your worst enemy.

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