your smile could start a forest fire

your eyes could light uo the sky

your voice could be heard from heaven

your hands so soft 

your body so warm an stable 

you held my body like a baby 

and made me feel whole 

You gave me butterflies from the moment i laid my eyes on you 

you fingers tangled all in my hair

i don't want this to end 

you so pure and perfect even if you don't see it

your eyes glimmer like rain drops on the grass

you pick me up an place me down oso gently 

you held me till my tears dried up

you kissed my lips and said " It will be ok"

i don't ever want to leave the warmth of your body

i call this my home, because this is where i feel loved

my mind is telling my heart " Don't do this you'll just end up hurt"

unable to comprehend what is going on in my head

i just lay here

This moment so perfect not a care in the world but the morning sun

the smell of your body calms my nerves and mellows my heart beats

God i wish this night didn't have to end

 Mines and your body fits perfectly together like two puzzle pieces from two different puzzles

i start to quiver at the fear that start to cluster my mind

you soon remind me it will be ok

you kiss my forehead and once more entwine your fingers in my hair

wiping away a stray tear

you rub my body not forgetting an inch

i cant help but to admire your eyes that shine like new diamond

so deep yet so shallow 

your voice so full and muffled always replaying in my head

when im with you i feel so whole and happy not worrying about anything but the beats of our heart

you are someone i never want to lose

because without you i would lose what's left of my mind

you make sane in this insane world

you are my sense of direction when i begin to feel lost

you make me feel like depression and anxiety doesn't rule my body

i love you because i can  be me around you  


  • rrodriguez

    very nicely written and expressed...


    WELCOME RACHELLE ~ Thanks for a very beautiufl "free verse" first Poem. It vibrates with positive rhythm as befits the experience of true senuous total LOVE ~ Body ~ Soul ~ Spirit ! I know it is wriiten from experience because "once in a while along the way LOVE has also been good to me !" Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

  • Fay Slimm

    A really good rhythm to this romantic verse Rachelle and welcome to MPS - - hope to read more of your expressive work soon.

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