My smelly, scratchy, itchy, flea- ridden cat

I understand cats are cute and fluffy
And all you want to do is cuddle them,
But have you ever seen another crazy side of kitty-
Like when Tiddles coughed up all that phlegm?
I wonder what they do all day; chasing a ball of string?
I haven't a clue what they should do but in Supercat I am not believing.
If I wanted Mogster to tear up the curtains I would have told him to;
Honestly, he's emptied the cat food cupboard
What am I going to do?!!
Do we love our cats? Answer: yes,
But if Fluffikins had not emptied the attic...
She would be in a better position-
Because she's now going to get static!

POLLY is my Perfect Cat
O YES ~ that is that ! My
LOVELY PUSSY ~ Black & White
LOVELY EYES that shine so bright
YES ~ She can naughty be ~ but not to ME
All CAT LOVERS can see no wrong in their MOGGY !

Meow Meow my cat
and he don't wear a hat
my dad chases him with a ball bat
I don't know whats up with that.
The mean neighbor took meow meows leg
the neighbor didn't even offer him a peg
I beg my dad to take him to the vet
There I sit crying, me and dad arrived at the vet, Now me and dad know, that you can love a annoying 3 legged cat even more then a perfect cat.
~~~By Poemtry~~~

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