Daddy's little girl

It was his voice that was as sweet as a melody growing up I wish I kept him close to me I fell asleep on his chest so that I can memorize his heart beat everyone knows that a delicate rose struggled with a strong pose she suffered in a puddle of blood because no one was able to help her out the mud my god covered me even though I was covered in blood I'm 1of daddy's little girls and I can survive

My Dad was away a lot
When I was growing up ~ So
It was mostly MOM and SONNY
My lil Brother and of course BONZO
Who was our DOG ! She loved all three
Of us and fed us all on stew an' dumplings
Apple Pie an' cream an' homemade Lemonade
We loved our Dad too but he drove a BigTruck to
Europe ~ but he brought us toys nice things to eat &
Wear from France Spain & Italy ~ AWESOME CHILDHOOD
Please add a Poem about yo' MOM & DAD ~ OK ~ BRIAN (UK)

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