Willow Craven

Thinking of You

I was sat on the stairs, thinking of you,

And how my life would change if dreams came true.

You, further away than the furthest star,

You, more out of reach than Venus or Mars.

You, in space, where all my hope goes to hide

Miles away at the front of my mind.

Only ever seen on the darkest night -

Then off you run, like a trick of the light.

Here and then gone in the blink of an eye

Like a candle in the wind; live and die.

I keep us at arms length. It's for the best,

You must have heard stories and know what's next?

On a different page, then different chapters,

And slowly but surely, it would break us.

The blurb would show less than a light in fog,

And just make for an awkward epilogue.

Even that's too good to be true. Come on,

I said you felt nothing, I wasn't wrong.

I know that it's worth it because you mean 

Everything to me. Living in my dreams

Where I am happy in a fantasy.

Watching me and you swimming in a sea,

Together, like we were supposed to be.

Living and loving, happy and carefree

I could be all you need. You're all I've got.

And I would be with you. But I'm not.

I'm just sat on the stairs, thinking of you,

And how my life would change if dreams came true.





    WELCOME FRIEND ~ Thanks for your first poem ~ I love it. We have all had FANTASY LOVERS (often based on a real person) who is perfect for me and I for them ~ but the real life chasms are too great to bridge ! Your poem reminded my of at least two unobtainable (Fantasy) Ladies I loved ! I love rhyming couplets and your poem had masses of Rhyme and Rhythm ~ great to read and lovely to recite ~ More please ~ Yours BRIAN ~ Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

    • Willow Craven

      Thank you so much, I\'m glad you liked it. I should have another one out today, perhaps you would give it a look x

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