Willow Craven


We sit close, knees slightly touching,
My head leaning against the wall.
A blanket and a lighter, we're sharing,
And an ear out for distant footfall.


Harsh winds bite at vulnerable cheeks,
Shadowed by a bitter night.
We relish in the silence of this air, so bleak,
And watch rabbits play in false light.


Lorrys and flashing lights fly overhead,
The noise muffled by thick air.
We're out of place here, a loose thread,
As fitting as a sin in prayer.


As soon as you start, I know there's no stopping,
It's killing you, but it has to be done.
Replaying your life and I cant stop watching,
Paralyzed, horrified, I let it run.


You stare straight ahead, blind to the world,
And I cant take my eyes off yours.
The stories come fast, memories unfurled,
Broken yet alive, a veteran of wars.


I've been closer to you than this, I know,
But I will never be this close again.
I have seen the truths you never show,
Seen what you hide, but from me in vain.


Later on I will cry, again and again,
Crying in a ball on a single mattress.
Crying for your pain,
Crying for your loss,


Crying because you did not.


But here, now, sat by you under rainfall,
I just hold your hand under the blanket we share.
Pass you a lighter with my head against the wall,
And watch rabbits play, blissfully unaware.


~ JustSomeGirl



    Thanks ANGEL FOR CARING & SHARING ~ I find this Poem very beautiful because some of my GF's have GF's with whom they are very close. In my experience Love between two Females is very normal and very very precious. Every Blessing ~ Your Friend Brian X

    • Willow Craven

      Thank you so much for the feedback x

    • Augustus

      Every good story creates a visual which is nicely done here plus the beauty of emotion. Kud.

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