A guy like me?

Today felt different 

a new breeze in the air, though it was 

damp with rain and cold with with wind,

today felt right.


Was it the freedom of being away from people?

or the feeling as I stood alone with only my camera and my thoughts

which ever the one it felt good.


Standing in a field of flowers, each coated with

a drop of rain the shutter of my camera clicks

reviewing the photo, I just took, I see a boy a knew quite well.


His silvery blue eyes were nestled perfectly 

with in the frame, his jet black hair flowing in the wind

the smile he has, which he uses everyday shining brightly

through the dullish day, the look of curiosity was on

his face as he looked into the distance

making my heart flutter


I had watched him earlier on in the week,

Hidden behind a text book of mine, I gazed at him

His features so define, two dimples on either side

Of the wide grin he had as he laughed with his

Friends, this was not the first time I had ‘gazed’ upon him

For many days, months who knows

I sat there and watched too nervous to talk to him

My crush has grown for him


Yet he couldn’t love me?

A dork who only wears pastel, when not wearing my

Uniform, matched with flower crowns

And skirts, he wouldn’t like a guy like me,


He wouldn’t swing that way

Yet seeing him in that field today made me think

Could he really like or even love a guy like me?


  • Daisyy

    This is seriously so cute, I love this

  • Louis Gibbs

    I always enjoy a good twist at the end of a poem. Well done, lonelywalker!

  • whisperingquill

    Nice capturing effect
    eyes glued


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