A world 🌎

I do not want my child to grow up in this world full of violence.
Just no more bombs just perfect silence.
I want my Jacob to see the good in people.
A world full of love not hate.
A world we're they don't need to ever think of such imaginable things.
A world what is funny not sad.
A world full of people from all different religions loving one another.
A world full of all different type of people living in harmony.
A world who doesn't care who your need to be or who you love!
A world with no hunger.
A world with a safe home for everyone.
A world we're we say thank you.
& please.
A world that comes together.
A world that supports and encourages one another.
A world we're everyone should be proud to be apart of.
For my child it should be all about peace and showing that love can only increase.
By Amie forsyth
June 3rd 2017
For my son Jacob Christopher Forsyth ❤️

YOU would live in Peace ~ and all
PEOPLE would live in HARMONY with no
EMNITY ~ no hatred or crimes or War~ One
RELATIONSHIP motivated by GOOD not EVIL ~ one
FAMILY living together in perfect LOVE & HARMONY ~ i
EMBRACE People who are motivated by GOD and not SATAN
CARING conquers evil as the UK has shown recently in LONDON ~ and
THE TWO OF US know that from our experience OF LIFE ~ LOVE CONQUERS HATRED
WHAT will the World be like for
OUR Children & Grandchildren in 2100 ?
REAL PROBLEMS because of Global Warming and
LIFE QUALITY because of a population of 15 Billion ! If we
DON't do something now ~ what sort of a WORLD will our CHILDREN inherit ?
Thanks for reading ~ please add a Poem ~ Love BRIAN XOX

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