Righteous Reflections

Fits tune: Rivaulx [Dykes]

('Father of heaven, whose love profound')

Psalm 37 v.30 - 40


1. Mouth of the righteous, wisdom speaks

Tongue talks of judgement, it they seek

The law of their God in their heart

Their steps shall not slide, not depart


2. Not depart from their Lord, for they

Each day shall always watch and pray

But the righteous, the wicked would

Do them despite, slay if they could


3. The Lord will help the righteous sure

Defend them, come help them, e'ermore

Nor allow good to be condemned

They shall be justified, their end


4. Wait on the Lord, and His way keep

He shall exalt you, you His sheep

And the land inherit you shall

The wicked's fall you shall see, tell


5. Though wicked like a bay tree green

Spreading themselves by yonder stream

Having great power, yet comes their hour

They vanish, but still God our tower


6. Mark well the mature, wholesome ones

And see the upright, they God's sons

With daughters too, their end is peace

God's presence wtih them without cease


7. But the transgressors they shall be

Destroyed together, you shall see

Their end time come, the be no more

No more to persecute you sore


8. But righteous ones salvation is

Of the LORD, he is their strength, this

Their confidence in troubled days

He shall help, deliver always


9. This their faith, hope, and trust is strong

They will trust to Him all along

In His love He shall come to save

A way through for them He shall pave



  • ShannonXx

    Really nice write

    • orchidee

      Thanks S.

    • swingline

      Sorry you do not feel well , I hope it is only temporary . Enjoyed your poem as always (spiritual bread for my soul). Thank you for posting . Get well soon .

      • orchidee

        Thanks S. Hope you are well.

      • Goldfinch60

        Good write. Even the transgressors can be forgiven.

        • orchidee

          Thanks G.

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