Inconsistent Consistency


Life, I think, is a bit of a paradox.
Floating through this desolate void devoid of context and explanation, (some might suggest value as well, I suppose);
I conclude these idiosyncratic murmurings of bothersome almost-people
Reprimanding my almost-conscience are just a whit of an empty, emaciated, white whale of a civilization proclaiming pseudo-camaraderie and disappointing undertakings as suitable solutions for contentedly concluding one’s existence.
Though some perceive fate efficiently, soaring quilled shafts of surprise unavoidably puncture intimate electing properties of our conscious.
No barricade can shield humanity from himself.
With living comes a constant quality of inconsistency,
despite the state of existence itself being incredibly monophonic,
permeating my formless breath and solid heart like no other experience.

Well… there is another event I imagine could deliver a pure, unadulterated sensation of intoxicating eternity.
I will wait for him, peacefully, until he arrives on his sweet, milky steed.
O dear old friend, deliver me swiftly unto my end, the true undying void.

  • Author: Ethan (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 5th, 2017 10:11
  • Comment from author about the poem: Reviews would be greatly appreciated :) The long words are there on purpose. The point I try to make is that no matter how eloquent or articulate someone is, it is all for naught because everyone passes and death is forever.
  • Category: Reflection
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  • thehippiepoet

    I almost made a comment on the overuse of the longer words but the fact that you did it on purpose to add meaning is great

    • Ethan

      Yeah, perhaps I should have included a note or something. I wasn't sure if it would translate well.

    • The Invisible

      I like your word choice. Yeah I somewhat agree it's really college area but I understand were you coming from. It does give the poem a sort of meaning of it's own with how death is death and there's no way we can escape it. But I don't know I just met you, but the writing just kind of in my eyes doesn't sound like you. Like I get it's death but it's also expressing how you view death in your own mind and in this it kind of seems like you let him take over.. If that makes sense lol. Overall, you did good.

      • Ethan

        Ooo here's a question, is the person you think you just met really me?

        • Ethan

          And yeah, the point is this that for a person who strives for consistency, death is the only true expression of that.

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        • P.S

          The irony in this is brilliant!

          • Ethan

            Well thank you 🙂

          • Michael Edwards

            I also love 'playing' with words and this is a great example even if a bit convoluted - but the 'message' is clear - when you're dead you're dead. As an atheist that's easy for me to say but others?

            • Ethan

              Well thank you 🙂

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