Dipped In Dialect

Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words

but I prefer to 





Watercolor brush strokes

along my tongue

like the

starry night

is painted on my taste buds


Pigments stain the back of my throat

and leak into

My lungs--


cough up colors like





Thick oils in my veins,


A piece by Matisse

Soaked through


seeped into

my pores.


Vibration that propagates

as my vehicle

my paintbrush

Dipped in Dialect


There is something special

about a spoken word

a piece of personality

hidden between






Sometimes I like to add a little sugar to my pigments

I speak--

simple sweet words like

"Will you hold me?"


and although, Lord knows

I love the sound of my own voice

My Daddy taught me

God gave me two ears


one mouth

so I should listen twice

I should listen twice

as much as I speak


He told me

new knowledge--

Will never come from your own lips.

But-- he said "Baby,

never lose your voice.

Because that--

is a gift."




  • Ethan

    Very good. I like the negative connotations given to paint. Also, I think you mean lose instead of loose in the third to last line.

    • Ethan

      Haha no, but loose and lose mean different things. The author just accidentally typed another o. I'm like 17 man, you've gotta have other things to worry about than a high schooler right?

      • Ethan

        Jeez man, you really got me there. I won't ever post a comment again. Thanks for your advice :)

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      • ElenaGrace

        This is really really good. Your choice of words and the what you're saying overall. Great job:)

      • UnknownCypher

        wow, i love the imagery i get by reading your words. well done.

      • Goldfinch60

        Good write, painting with words is what many of us do but painting can also do things that words cannot do. Both are wonderful
        Welcome to MPS.

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