little lay lay

I'm angry, you taught me how to punch walls.  Giving it a piece of mind wondering what you're doing now.  Trying to forget all the times we yelled..trying to forget all the times I cried.....

feeling shook, wounds not close to healing.  I am bleeding a new life for myself.  A safer one full of cleanliness, healthiness.  Ever since I confided in myself I became better no need to cry for you.... 

wait for you...  

I am truly fine.  

I'm smiling for real now.  Light is restored within me.  I feel beautiful.  While you were with me I felt ugly, like it had a whole new meaning, but all along I kept my ears open to unnecessary things.  BRAINWASHED to follow your direction and stop myself from breathing.  

I was numb to the pain you caused, DRUGGED to think I was okay but I wasn't.  

I was slowly dying.

  • Author: lay lay (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 5th, 2017 21:24
  • Comment from author about the poem: this poem is about my ex boyfriend/"first love." Most of my poems that I have written were inspired by him. This is the first you've seen. At this point I was at regret and trust me I've never gotten it fully off of my chest on how I feel but every now and again I think about it and sometimes this is the outcome. It is simply out of the fact that I miss him but I shouldn't. I learned that you shouldn't miss hurt. Sadly our "love" was tarnished and he cheated on me for unknown reason(s) but he lied about it and my closest friend revealed the truth about him to me. Hence, the last two sentences in the poem.
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  • The Invisible

    I love this poem. You did great, I can totally relate. Good for you to move on and not dwell.

    • little lay lay

      Thank you! I am happy you could relate because sometimes I wonder if anyone can relate to the chaos that I had went through. All the love, BG.

      • The Invisible

        Yeah, I can. So don't worry you aren't alone.

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