What is love?

Love is like a void. It consumes you. Even when love is lost.

And in its wake, upon its wall, love's trace embossed

Ambrosial passion two toned adornment collapsing symbolically from the collective's inebriation.
absorbed irenically into my phrenic current I sprout viridian forget me not's carpeting into the gazebo of your quivering atrium so we may mambo to rhythmic twinkle of saintly stars.

Loving is caring beyond your physical strength,,
Love is caring and going to any length,,
Love is the needs of someone you love first,,
Love is a hunger for her, an unquenchable thirst,,
Love is working eighteen hour days to keep her alive,,
Love is stronger then death, I am not one who lies,,
Love is never forgetting, or letting her go in your heart and mind,,
Love is the craving to have her back, begging God in kind,,
Love is honoring to the "T" her very last requests,,
Love is keeping her always in mind whilst she rests,,
Love is cherishing every second you had with her of every single day,,
Love is knowing how fragile life truly is, and never, ever letting love decay,,


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