Livin on the edge

Notice of absence from Jooles
I disappear for months on end......just my life but I always come back!

Livin life on the edge as once sung in a song

Where everything is possible and nothing seems wrong

God it could be a whole lot of fun

No living in the shadows only glory in the sun


I'd try everything once and never say no

I'd throw all enthusiasm my confidence grow

No matter how scared or frightened I'd be

A feeling of soaring, of truly being free


To live life without fear

To only know certainty,  laughter and cheer

To say, yes I've done that with a wry little smile

Ticked that of my list ...been of it for a while


To accomplish and push your limits so far

To know that you reach and hold on to the stars

To Never be sorry,  not have one regret

From the wild things accomplished  to watching every sunset


But alas, my lists lie unticked in my head

Tucked away in a corner...rolled and tied with red thread

Livin on the edge just isn't for me

I'd rather be home with biscuits and tea





  • Poetic Dan

    Fantastic! The pirate was so stong in me head, to finishing with a cuppa nearly nocked be fa 6 and then biscuits....
    Thank you

    • Jooles

      Lol thank you 😊

    • Jooles

      Ho-hum lol love it. Thanjs 😊

    • Goldfinch60

      Biscuits and tea,
      Sounds fine to me,

      • Jooles

        Lol me as well

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