Em Seracs Ti *An Emordnilap Poem*



Decaf gib os ti eciton

Deb a pot no em stops ti

Part a teem won I

Em roop on ho

Spots wolf emit

Decal mood dna desserts

Peels ton od nus

Em teg yam ti

  • Author: Mandi (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 10th, 2017 21:14
  • Comment from author about the poem: I figured it would be fun to write a poem using emordnilap words. It was actually harder than I thought. But I did it...kinda. I used http://users.tinyonline.co.uk/gswithenbank/backword.htm for all my words. 😝
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  • swingline

    Well after reversing everything it still did not make sense .

    • Mandi

      I was going for a monster in the room feel...guess it didn't work...bummerπŸ˜•

      • swingline

        Poetry is emotions in motion . I had a bumpy ride translating with too much emotional frustration . But I know how frustrating writing can be . I am experimenting with a new style of poetry and I'm getting no feedback . Which means I'm not moving the emotions .

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        ITS NOT A BUMMER MANDI ! very challenging and stimulating ! MPS can get a bit boring and pessimist ~ You PALINDROME amused me and made me think ! Did you know that the Artist & Scientist Leonardo Da Vinci wrote all his scientific papers in MIRROR WRITING (Palindromes) When reversed your poem is a GREAT "Monster in the Room" poem ~ SPOOKY

        I started with the line "NOTICE IT IS SO BIG FACED" and ended with "IT MAY GET ME !"

        It made sense to me ~ so please post some more mad poems ~ OK

        I have posted a CUDDLY one on Paddington Bear and a SPOOKY one on DEJA VU ~ please check. If we just stuck to boring and depressing poems ~ then MPS would die ~ it needs people like you and I who think outside the POETIC BOX !

        Sguh & Evol ~ BRIAN !

        • Mandi

          Thank you!😘

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