First Time

The Invisible

I don’t know how to move on

To be able to push myself to take those steps everyone wants

My view isn’t like others

Guess it’s me who is wrong for me being different

Don’t think of things in an order

Life is like colors when it comes to my point of view

Family gets angrier with me

Only because I don’t see it like how want me too

They should support me

Instead it’s like I’m just some screwed up disappointment

In the beginning I let myself think that

I was the problem and I was the issue in our relationship

Now I know that’s not true

You are just as much the problem and the issue

We can’t fix this whole thing

Not because I chose not to do anything too

But because of you

We both have our issues yet you just like revealing only mine.

  • Author: The Invisible (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 11th, 2017 17:21
  • Comment from author about the poem: It's not like mine others I just needed it out and so it's just a free verse kind of poem :P
  • Category: Family
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  • HeartfullyFallen

    I like this alot, simply cause Its simple and true. I feel like a lot of people feel this way, me being one of them, and this is just amazing

    • The Invisible

      Thank you! And yeah, it just feels like people love pointing out everyone else's mistakes without reflecting on their own.

    • Goldfinch60

      Good write. You are you and nobody should force you to move from your chosen path. Stay strong.

      • The Invisible

        Thank you for that. It helps a lot 🙂

      • Jeff

        Great write. And i have to be you, to hell with those who have a problem with that...ALWAYS stay true to yourself...again, great write

        • The Invisible

          Wow thank you for that. I'll try my best.

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