Too much love


They said she only has a little time

Before she drifts off to the light

After they said that she'd have a long life

I asked the doctor what was wrong

He said her heart had grown too strong

I asked the doc just what that means 

He said her heart was bigger than it  seemed

As a person made of belief I did not understand where having a big heart could go wrong

All I knew was what I thought i had to do


On Her final days I bashed her with hate

I didn't visit her as much 

When I did I rejected her

I even told her she should cry because she was going to die

I thought this was helping

I was trying to shrink her heart

She didn't know that I was cruel

Because I loved her too much to loose


On her last day could take no more

I yelled in her face on how is was her fault 

Her fault for loving everyone and everything the way she did

Why'd she have to keep loving me even when I threw at her all my grief


The monitor started going in and out 

I realized that there was a war roaring inside of her

She was trying to decide whether to Live or Die

1 hour later...

She died


For five years straight I have a battle with love

I think the day she died was because she felt unloved...

By me

But I think she got to that position in the first place because she loved too much


And even though I still don't know

I will always remember my war with Love five years ago

  • Author: Descreat (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 12th, 2017 11:05
  • Comment from author about the poem: Not a true story
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 213
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  • Discreation


  • Jeff

    This is s great write...very well done. Great, great job

  • The Invisible

    This is heart breaking, I started tearing up.

    • Discreation

      Sorry about that. But it bring a smile to my face knowing that my poem caused so much emotion.

      • The Invisible

        It's all good, and that's good it should. It was amazing granted sad but you put it in a way that was relatable. Good job 🙂

      • 2 more comments

      • Mello

        Wow 😳. Good poem.

        • Discreation

          Thanks. I appreciate the "wow" factor.

        • avigail

          hugs to u

        • Discreation


        • Discreation


        • P.H.Rose

          Oh my Discreat....
          I LOVE this so much
          It is brilliant.....
          Sorry I've taken so
          Long to look at your work
          I will be keeping an
          Eye on it in future...
          Well done lady !!!

        • Discreation

          Thankyou!!! 🙂

        • Digoclifford_spellbound

          This poem is a sucker punch to the gut. This is grief. Very freaking powerful.

        • Discreation

          Thanksssss. Is it really?

        • Discreation

          Thanksssss. Is it really?

        • Discreation

          Thanksssss. Is it really?

        • Discreation

          Thanksssss. Is it really?

        • Discreation

          Thanksssss. Is it really?

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