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Dear mama ...

Sometimes the things you say to me get to me .You may think I'm dramatic acting as if I am a actress but I am a human being . I'm only 15 and I have real feelings  just like you .


Your a beautiful woman . That is something I can't take away from you . I love your smile , personality ,your looks and your kindness. I love everything about you . But the things you say to me when your upset make me feel less of myself.

calling me a skank does nothing but hurt my feelings.
Calling me a bitch does nothing but make feel less of my self....

And when my slit my wrist trying to find relief in self harm I think about all that hurtful things you said  to me.....

I understand that you get upset with the fact that I'm not what you want me to be .. but I'm a human being just like you who has feelings just like everyone else ....

I get it my attitude may not be the Best But I still am young . Killing my self esteem while I'm young does nothing but lead me to want to hurt my self in the end..

Not only am i 15 and a human being but I'm your daughter as a mother there are things you should not say . As a daughter I look up to u and I love you ...

When I get older and I have a child I will never make my child feel as worthless as you made me feel. I will not be a reason my child wants to end there life . Why ? Because I am there mother and there are limits to how I treat my child even when I am upset with there decisions.....

If you care and love me so
Much why say all those hurtful things to me ?

The things you say sticks to me because your the woman who birthed me into this world but your the one making me feel as though I was a mistake to be here ..

Yes you give me everything i could ask for and I thank you for that I appreciate everything you do and have done for me but the feeling for worthlessness overrides all of that ...again I am a human with feelings. You damaged me before any boy can .


  • ShannonXx

    This is beautiful, very deep and emotional

  • Heather T

    Mother/daughter relationships are very special, but can be super stressful sometimes. It's a strong relationship that can be full of both joy and pain. Name calling hurts. I always pray healing for those that mark their beautiful, unique flesh. My own little love would give anything to remove her own old wounds. Keep writing.

  • swingline

    Things your mother said knock holes in the wall of love . They can never be taken back and the damage done is forever . Too much damage and the wall will collapse and there will be no wall (no love) at all . And then both will be strangers to each other .

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