Softly and Tenderly



Softly an Tenderly

Hymn by Will L Thompsom


"Softly and tenderly

Jesus is calling

Calling for you and for me

See on the portals 

He's waiting and watching

Watching for you and for me"



She lay in bed under the covers

facing the wall


He sat on the bed

facing away


He sat there

for eternity it seemed


"Are you going to lay down?

You're sagging the bed ." she said


He layed down facing upward


Then she rolled over

and looked at him 

For the longest time

she didn't move

or say anything

Then she rolled back over

pulling the covers up 


He just layed there

not moving

barely breathing


Fifteen , twenty , thirty minutes

Then she rolls back around

and puts her arm

across his chest

and snuggles up under his arm


He is surprised

doesn't know what to do

He doesn't want 

to break the spell


Slowly he puts his hand

on her waist

and feels a shudder

shoot through her

But she says nothing


He breathes easier



"Come home , come home

You who are weary come home

Earnestly , tenderly

Jesus is calling

Calling , O sinner , come home"



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  • Published: June 16th, 2017 01:48
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  • orchidee

    A fine write Swing. Oh, I remotely recall the hymn, but not the tune. There's literally hundreds I don't know, when I looked up an online hymnal. Though I may know a fair few.

    • swingline

      Thank you orchidee for reading . I would like to post music at this site but I have only been able to post one song ever here . The same when it comes to pictures .

    • Goldfinch60

      Good write.

      • swingline

        Thank you Goldfinch60 for reading .

      • swingline

        No you have the wrong entity here . Thank you though for reading Diamond .

      • Heather T

        Unbroken spells lead to much magic. I like it!

        • swingline

          Thank you Heather T for reading .

        • Augustus

          Those tender moments! Hugs.

          • swingline

            Ha ha , yes very tender . Thank you Augustus .

          • malubotelho


            • swingline

              Thank you Malubotelho for reading .

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