little lay lay

I Am

I am...... selfish, I am kind.  I am meek.  I am wild.  I am crazy, uncanny.  Indescribable, undeserving of life I am... a woman.  I get happy.  I get sad.  I get periods once a month.

But I am capable.  Capable of ending and starting it.  I am a spark.  A ray of hope for myself and anyone listening.  I make mistakes though I wish to be perfect.  Even though it's not possible.  I even wish to not make others so angry.  

But of course I'll mess it up soon and they hate me.  I am never right.  Like a child I wish to be.  So I can make a decision instead of them doing it for me.  

I am a colored woman built to stand for myself.  I am an angry woman made to fight when disrespected.  I am a lonely woman inside her own thoughts thinking up a perfect day living the next day as a holy woman.  GODSPEED.  I am the woman created.  


  • John Gover

    I absolutely love the line "I am capable."

    Very powerful. I loved reading this.

    • little lay lay

      Thank you! I am happy you enjoyed reading it.

    • swingline

      Your desire to be perfect is to be like God . And you should only worry about pleasing God instead of anyone else . You will be happy on life if you do .

      • little lay lay

        Yes, so far I am finding my happiness.

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