Doll in Wonderland

Terrible choking feeling

With face burning hot and eyes full of tears

Threatening to spill

But I won't cry in front of you

Sometimes I forget how paper thin 

My skin really is 

When you slap my hand away 

Not even literally

Just a few cross words in my general direction

And the panic sets in

I can't handle being crushed by you

Your kindness set precedent for

How we interact with each other

And your bark hurts worse

I'd rather you bite me

I feel like this is always the beginning

Of things taking a turn for the worse

Especially when your apology

Is "I'm sorry you feel that way"

Instead of "I'm sorry I hurt you" 

Its not that you hurt me like he did

But if you unravel me enough

I will lash out at you

Like a wild animal, trapped in a cage 

And I never want to hurt you

With my viscous, viscous words 

Severing whatever holds us together

So instead, I will burn alone


  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Funny how the tongue can get us into so much trouble. You expressed it well Doll in Wonderland. Best to keep your cool...

  • Egyptianqt79

    ❤❤❤❤❤ yes! Words can hurt so much more! And can never be erased! Love your poetry

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