Devoted Dedication


Fits tune: Hendon

(one tune to 'Take my life and let it be')

Colossians 3 v.12 - 18


1. Put on you, as God's elect

You accepted, not reject[ed]

Holy and beloved you be

Chosen by God, her now see


2. Put on depths of true mercies

Kindness, humbleness, wide seas

Humble mind and meekness too

Longsuffering, image new


3. Image of the Saviour, who

Forms His life within e'en you

Be forbearing and forgive

With each in harmony live


4. Forgive, for Christ forgives you

Show in words,actions, so do

Above all things put on love

Bond of perfectness, encove[enanted]


5. Let God's peace rule in your hearts

And influence all life's parts

For called to this peace you are

In one body, no sins mar


6. And be thankful, gratitude

For graces on you endued

Let the word of Christ in dwell

You richly, His good works tell


7. Richly, with His wisdom bright

he does impart full insight

Teach, admonish, each other

Every sister and brother


8. Use psalms, hymns, songs spiritual

Comfort, strengthen, one and all

Singing to the Lord with grace

In your hearts, and seek His face


9. And whatever it you do

In word or deed, so pursue

To do all in the Lord's name

And thanks to Father God frame


  • Author: orchidee (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 18th, 2017 08:33
  • Comment from author about the poem: A hymn-poem in 7777 metre.
  • Category: Spiritual
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  • orchidee

    I posted a poem on similar themes a short while ago. I don't think this is a repeat!

  • swingline

    Do you do Ecclesiastes ? I love the sees you can move around from the Old testament to the New.

    • orchidee

      Thanks S. Hmm, I've not done any poems from Eccles as yet - Eccles Cakes here in part of UK, assort of scone filled with fruit!

    • Augustus

      Kindness,humbleness, and wide seas. Nice. Like the organ music on Sunday morning.

      • orchidee

        Thanks A. I mean 'Wide seas of kindness and humbleness'. The original has 'bowels of mercies'. Well, our bowels are deep within us, so I think it means 'depths' or 'seas'. I don't like to paraphrase it too much, or it can become trashy and un-poetic sometimes.

      • Goldfinch60


        • orchidee

          Thanks G.

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