void vs void

I call my God the void.

Endless knowledge he possess.

Stretching from universes, to simple minds.


When I feel a void.

Its different.


While his void is filled.

Mine is empty.


While his is filled with thoughts of creativity

and images created with breath taking light.


I stare in my mirror hoping to catch a glimpse of him.


While hes busy, attending evocations, and what else Gods do.


I lay in my bed hoping for him to appear to comfort and soothe my tears.


While he cares, I never call upon him.


I am silent, always.


While his world is filled with noise.

Learning new information, the thoughts of his followers and their prayers.


I either hear slight noises of the house settling, or my parents fighting.

When I bring my music loud for all to hear my head finally feels silent.


I drink

While he consumes energy.


While I watch mine turn into something its not.


I’ve become strong, I’ve become powerful.

Yet I feel so helpless.


The void in my chest grows.

I am alone in a room filled with joyous people.


I am utterly alone.


  • Discreation

    I get you're story. i understand what you might of been feeling when you wrote this. i think it's beautiful.

  • Gary Edward Geraci

    I hold you in my arms and rock you
    A wee babe through and through
    God sees us all as just that....
    Little plump babes cute and fat (in a baby sort of way)
    He comes to us not directly; forget those whom peddle a "wonder worker like magician"
    But He's there in the caring voices of strangers and children and in all of creation.
    So please do keep writing, exploring space and time
    Trust me when I rhyme you'll soon find a lover in the almighty sublime.
    -Gary Edward Geraci for AudryB only

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