A kiss

A love kiss is like a journey,
Through the senses,emotions and feelings. From the beginning to the end it opens many doors, each one causing a deeper sensation. A kiss takes you to many places, where you lose yourself into dreams, where your heart flips and turns, where you are conscious in an unconscious world. Then, there are the many stages of kissing. Beginning with soft whispers of love and growing deeper into a burning desire. Giving yourself into a kiss is losing your mind to someone and is drinking the other person feelings. It can start with a physical surrender but is truly a trip to heaven.



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  • Rajkumar

    a nice expression of thoughts malubotelho .nicely written

    • malubotelho

      Thank you. I will check your poems too.

    • Goldfinch60

      Good write and journey.

      • malubotelho

        Thank you so very much.

      • malubotelho

        Thanks. It is part of my nature. I'm still looking to keep a grip of my true self. I'm working on dissolve my ego but I'm only conscious of them. They keep taking place on my mind and playing with my senses. So, some are good and sweet. Some are wild and dark. Some angry. You know how it works. We think we are like this or that but we truly have no clue. I'm a student of the Gnosticism. Pure extasy. I can be sweet like the smelling breeze coming from the trees. Then if triggered I can dance in rage with the wolfs. I'm small and big. You know. The two opposing energy. The light and the dark angel.

      • FredPeyer

        Malu I really like the opening. A kiss can be a journey, both in the way you so aptly describe it and in a physical way, where that first kiss leads to love and maybe marriage.

      • malubotelho

        Yes Fred. Is'ant this beautiful? Who ever invented it deserves an award.
        And the expectation for the first kiss when you meet someone new is thrilling. Thanks for coming back and read.

      • Santita

        Oh! I love, love, love this kiss! All kisses are great from loving pecks to passionate- breathtaking kisses! I love your romantic way, dear.

        • malubotelho

          Thanks dear. Nothing can be better than passionate love kisses. This is why I want to fall in love every moment of my life. The world needs more love. More love, less medicine.

        • poelove

          yes it is -well said

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