It's been a long while (damage for you)

This is the first time in a long time that I've wrote
There's just been a hole in the boat

All my thoughts just leave me to drown in my sorrow
And one day there won't be a tomorrow

There's new people on this amazing site
I wouldn't of known if I stepped into the light

You're all great poets as I can see
Way better than even me

My thoughts are nothing when it's clouded by darkness
My thoughts disappear and I deeply miss

I have nothing that intrigues me to write
Nothing that frees my sight

I honestly have no idea what to do
I ask myself who am I, yes who..

It's been months since I've wrote a poem
My creativity has just decided to rome

I know this isn't great and you all will judge
Though I don't care, right now I just need a nudge

Some will say while others hide behind their screens
And not people who just are gonna be mean

Well here you go damage I tried my best
Now maybe I'm done having a rest

I'll try to write everyday
Whatever it may

But even if it's not perfect, it is my own work of artโ€‹
That came deep within my heart

Don't listen to what others criticize
Because they're just speaking lies

Every poet starts out small
They just learned how to crawl

You will grow and learn
But don't let words burn

You are amazing in your own way
So say whatever you want to say


  • Discreation

    I love it.

    • WG7


      • poetboy5454

        copy paste it

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      • poetboy5454

        There is no better poem than this. Straight from your heart and each word is an expression of you. Please continue writing for everyone on this site as you are incredible at it. It may even help you find out who you are, keep your head high.

        • WG7

          There are better poems than this. There's clearly better poems than this. You don'tโ€‹ know what happened and you don't know me!! I know everyone on this sight is incredible I'm not stupid!! I've been here for a long time. But yeah just gonna continue writing ๐Ÿ‘ And sorry such a bitch... I'm in a phase

          • poetboy5454

            Everyone lets things go in their own way, you may not think so, but this poem is incredible.

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          • Discreation

            Your poem is great, way to add layers. If you don't mind...but this is freakin' awesome.

            • WG7

              Lol thank you Discreat :)

              • Discreation

                Of course.

              • Goldfinch60

                This is a very good heartfelt write, I am glad that you are going to keep writing, I look forward to reading it.

                • WG7

                  Thank you goldfinch and me too it feels great to write again

                • lastbadbrad6


                  • WG7

                    copy and paste

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