Confused kid

One Soul

Have you ever had a conversation with the wind
Or listened to the melodious choir of the crickets
Or felt the sweat calming comfort of silence
Or enjoyed the fulfilment and contentment of an empty void

Sometimes in the deepest wilderness is were I find peace
Away from voices and ideas of what I'm meant to be
Where I can indulge my dark side without judgement
My haven, fortitude, heart and a large chunk of my happiness

To some this is a dark path or the beginning of a broken man
But sometimes it gives me a bliss I can't explain
A rush that sparks my brain, like the fountain of youth revitaling my soul
Reenforcing me like a rock, ready to easily withstand the running stream

This is my sacred treasury, I'm very willing to share it with you
Its intimacy is unique, a power and deep gift of love called isolation
When we forget the world and time, just focusing in each other's eyes
It may sound strange, but when you feel it you will understand

Because our worlds revolve around just two people
Only caring about you and nothing else, doing only what's best for us
Your body my toy and your soul, my intimate lover
It sounds simple but understand, its deeper than words

Without a doubt I'm possessive and can't share you with anyone else
But I still want to see an honest smile and a taste of true laugher
I want to look in your eyes, forgetting the world is slowly slipping away
Even if its just for a moment, enjoy the peace of loving only one soul


  • Goldfinch60

    This is a beautiful write.

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