Breaking up with my best friend

I'm breaking up with my best friend,
Things will never be the same.
Other friends willl come and follow,
Just one more piece of food to swallow.
I'm letting go, I'm moving on,
I've left her, I hope she's gone.
She says we can't, she's part of me,
Without her I'm alone you see.
She's blaming me , it's all my fault,
'Oh my god, has that got salt?'
I'm breaking up with my best friend,
Things will never be the same.
I'm getting through another day,
Her voice is not what I'll obey.
I'm feeling good, I'm in control,
I don't need her to make me whole.
Goodbye anorexia, goodbye from me,
I'm going to live now finally.


  • Goldfinch60

    Great positive write, some friends do need to be pushed away if they are doing you no good.
    Live your life to the full and once you are feeling better about it you may be surprised at the great food that is out there, I should know as I have probably tried most of it!

  • Renzi

    💓 Bring on the good food and the good mood. Thankyou for your kindness, much love

  • Frank Prem

    Best luck Renzi.

  • kathyhall

    Break up with her, let her go, because a much heathier you we may know. GREAT WRITE!!!!

  • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

    I am so glad the battle is being won! So many are not. You have a very special spirit girl, I sensed that from the first. Keep fighting and keep writing, you are wonderful at accomplishing both

  • Heather T

    Huzzah, Renzi!!! Awesome spill. I'm cheering for you!

  • Renzi

    You guys are awesome. I appreciate your support and kindness 💓

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