Everyone is compared to sunlight
people say their significant others light up their world
and while that may be true
people always forget about the moon
the moon is always there
unlike sunlight, the moonlight is soft and delicate
sunlight scars and hurts people
but moonlight never hurts anyone
sunlight beats down and makes you even hate it sometimes
but moonlight is like a warm embrace that you never want to end
people hide from sunlight
but in moonlight people are unmasked and their true selves shown
Sunlight is a cliche 
weather you light up their world
or you're the light of their life
somehow it is always referred to sunlight.
don't love someone who compares you to sunlight
because if you are sunlight
eventually you may hurt and scar that person
fall in love with someone who compares you to moonlight
because if you're compared to moonlight
your lover thinks of you as soft and delicate
which is what we are as humans
you can be the light of someone's world
But don't choose to be sunlight
because in sunlight you will hurt people
and eventually make them retreat
if you want to be the light in someone's world
be their moonlight
the moonlight that holds them in a tight embrace
the moonlight with the soft touches of their face
be the moonlight there for them whenever they need you
be the moonlight that watches over them to make sure they're safe
and while cloudy nights may deteriorate your light
make sure they know
you'll always be there
as their moonlight


  • Goldfinch60

    Moonlight is beautiful and it can bring such romantic feelings. Good write.

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