The one with two faces


Your face 

I see so often 


A model for everyone to insight 

It's all just lies 

You show that side 

Beautiful and kind 

Only at your chosen times 

The other side 


Using words like weapons to fight 

You have two faces 

Opposite to eachother 

Which is the truth 

Or are they both You 

You were my friend 

Then the ugly side came out to play 

I heard these words 

Damaging my ears 

Making me feel entirely low 

Those words leaving your vinegar lips like salt thrown out so cold  

With your aggressive tone 

Ready to pounce 

Your next victim 

Excited to torture someone else 

Is it only so you could love yourself 

Is it a defence 

Do you build your wall up tall 

Or just your character 

One so cruel 

You may fool people now

But soon they will see 

Your the one with two faces 

You will now never fool me 



  • Author: ShannonXx (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 22nd, 2017 16:55
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is about a friend I once had who completely fooled me at how two faced and bitchy they were and how they weren't a true friend at all.
  • Category: Friendship
  • Views: 1001
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  • kevin browne

    spot on write here ShannonXx. there is only one answer to this, only ever trust in your own self and don't allow other peoples reflections land upon your plate. that's where the trouble starts x

    • ShannonXx

      Thank you! Yeah I completely agree! x

    • onepauly

      we have more then two faces

      • ShannonXx

        Yeah I guess so

      • Heather T

        Not everyone is worth your attention, and I'm thankful you saw through it.

        • ShannonXx

          Thanks! And yes me too

        • P.H.Rose

          Everyone has a reason
          For what they do
          Some it's because of
          What's happened in
          Their lives and are not
          Strong enough to get past
          It, others, well it's just in
          Their DNA.... if you don't
          Let anyone hurt you
          They never will...
          Great poem Shannon

          • ShannonXx

            Yeah that is true! And thanks

          • FredPeyer

            A very nice poem about a jekyll and hyde type of person. Unfortunately there are too many of them around and we usually find out only after it is too late. Good writing as far as I am concerned.

            • ShannonXx

              Yeah that is true! And thanks

            • Lars Persson

              Great writing! Even visually, this poems speaks to the fine line between the face of good and the "other" face...sad that cruelty comes so easily to so many...keep writing! You will only add to the good!

              • ShannonXx

                Thank you! Yes it is sad

              • malubotelho

                It always happens. Very beautiful write.

                • ShannonXx

                  Yes unfortunately it does! And thanks

                • Goldfinch60

                  Good write, there are many people about with two faces but there are alo many who are good and you see them for the goodness that they have.

                  • ShannonXx

                    Thank you, and yes that's true

                  • ron parrish aka wordman

                    never let any bodies stupidity bring you down,just look where it comes from,not the person so much as where they are in their lives

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