Bin Day

Early one morning- synchronised dance

Of the Homosapian species 

Inhabiting the urban jungle, down our way,

The heavy rumble as you trundle, in advance

On the gateway of their lair,

Signalling the ritual of bin day once more,

On sentry duty, the weekly parade,

Silent - standing to attention

Up and down the street, the regiment

Dressed in green, waiting, watching,

Your bellies overflowing with their waste,

- Beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-

Signals the hunter's near

Captured one by one - disenbowelling

Your bellies, empty - your intestines clear,

Silence - a return to duty,

Bang, bang, clatter, rumble, thud,

As you are returned to your billet 

Peering down your throat, that dark chasm,

Inhaling your fetid breath - 'check - empty and ready to refill'

The synchronised signal of the Homosapian's return,

Signalling the end of another bin day

The weekly trooping of the rubbish - down our way,

Human nature, human behaviour on display 

Homosapian tribes moving as one, in the ritual of bin day.


  • Frank Prem

    Make sure it's the right bin, on the right day. Can't mix green waste with hard waste. Good fun Sue.

    • sue.evans


    • Louis Gibbs

      A very clever and most enjoyable poem, sue!

    • Goldfinch60

      Good fun write and this happens all over the country.

    • burning-embers

      Loved it, a bit of fun. So like my Fridays. I bet you had fun writing this.

      • sue.evans

        Yes it made me smile😊

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