Opus of Love


Their senses strung, finely tuned instrument,

Two lovers entwined, forever

Drowned in the orchestra of their pleasure,

His tongue tasting her pulse, tracing the contours of her body,

Their eyes searching the soul

As their fingers play velvety notes

Allowing the music to unfold,

Your touch teasing her skin,

Building a crescendo of pure delight,

Hearing the rhythm, their bodies moving

As one, a melodious sight,

Her perfume, her baton, intoxicating aroma,

Conducting him to perform his Opus of love.

Their senses, a score of intense pleasure,

A harmonious climax, the music of love played together.


  • sue.evans

    Thank you😊

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good passionate write.

  • sue.evans

    Thank you

  • Louis Gibbs

    A lovely expression of Creator's great gift to man! Unfortunate that in this puritanical society it would offend anyone. Well done, Sue!

  • sue.evans

    Thank you😊

  • FredPeyer

    I don't know what kind of competition that was, but I do know that they missed out on something beautiful. Love your last line!

  • sue.evans

    Thank you

  • BlueDays

    Ooh I like this one. ❤️ Lots of favourites being added thanks Sue

    • sue.evans

      You are welcome glad you are enjoying them. This is one if my favourites too!

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