So what?


I'm gay.
I like the same sex,
I'm different,
so what?
Should I care what people think about it?
No, but I can't help what people think,
knowing that people will always judge me,
my family not loving me anymore,
but it's whatever.
All that matters is that I love myself and I should be whoever I want to be.
I'm so scared for being who I am,
and I shouldn't.
But knowing my family doesn't support gay rights, the town I live in doesn't support gay rights,
I just feel like I'm in a box and I can't be myself,
And I want to be myself.

  • Author: Fluatist (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 27th, 2017 03:18
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    Be yourself always...Who cares what the people in your town thin...don't they get that who you fuck is YOUR BUSINESS and doesn't make who you are...I will never understand why people make judgements on things that have NOTHING to do with them, but I guess there will always be haters out there somewhere...The TRUTH in the matter is, we all have to come together in UNITY...the ones who choose otherwise are going to pay the price and it will be a Miraculous day after that SHIT clears...good write either way...AGAIN...don't hold back JUST BE YOU


      I AM SOOO SORRY...I HAD NO CLUE THEY WERE 14....I guess things have changed since I was growing up....I agree...If I had nown I would not have said anything

    • Goldfinch60

      Just be yourself. As long as you a happy within yourself that is wonderful. If others do not like that it is not your problem, it is theirs.

    • Heather T

      I'm sorry you feel like your family doesn't love you. I assure you that MOST of the time that is not the case. Sometimes with families, if something happens or a choice is made, or something turned out contradictory to an ideal they had for you, it's a process. Dealing with you as a sexual being AT ALL at your young age, regardless of attraction, is tough for moms and dads. I hope there is counseling available to you and family, and I pray for mending and lots of grace.

    • Aislinn Wilson

      So hopeful, so powerful, and so vulnerable. Good poem!

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