Words that break walls


You start with 4I:





You continue with 4E






If you do them with integrity, authenticity, coherence, and passion,

Like magic, even cynical, short-fuse angry and violent guy, will convert and have compassion.


Because by the end of the day, deep inside the many layers, you will find a little child,

Still struggling and looking for the best way to survive.




  • malubotelho

    Oh! You are so right. It happened to me before. To get to know someone so tough and then suddenly realize how they truly were inside. Like a little kid lost and looking for direction, but playing tough just to hide the feelings. Well written and displayed. Thanks for your writing.

    • avigail

      thank you malubotelho :)))) be well


      Very inspiring, words to live by. I am just a little child looking for the best way to survive.

      • avigail

        thank you James

      • Poetic Dan

        Sang to both of me
        Words of wisdom
        Said tenderly

        Thank you

        • avigail

          thank you Djjabs

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks AVI we all need good Man~management and good interpersonal and communication skills ! It is necessary to cooperate ~ inspire & impact ~ which (in my experience too) gets people on board and ultimately impress them ! That ~ as you say ~ builds the TEAM ~ To keep them on board is more difficult but if we follow your 4E's Empower ~ Embrace ~ Encourage ~ Engage then its is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ! Working in a 16 ~ 30 College I have to initiate ~ stimulate and lead many Fluid Teams and your 4I's and 4E's are an excellent model for me ! Thanks for teaching & caring ~ Love & Hugs ~ BABY BRIAN XOX Please check my ANIMAL ~ Developing Fusion ~ Thanks B.

          • avigail

            hugs and love Brian :)

          • FredPeyer

            This is so good, I printed it out.

            • avigail

              thank you FredPeyer

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