To Jillian



Our gaze transfixed
The day your birth
You came to exist
A day of mirth.

Heaven sent we knew
A bundle of suspense
We watched you glow
From thence to grow
Such sheer excellence

From sitting to crawling
laughing and bawling
standing to walking
Listening to talking

Or was it talking, talking

Many a summer you came and went
Those were always happy events.
Golf cart driving, bit nervous at first
Many a trail you learned to traverse.
You loved to swim, proud of that talent
shallow to deep end, Oh! so gallant.

Perfecting social skills, and whom to trust
Cell phones and sleep overs, surely a must.
Circle of friends, a special few
Several cats and yes, a dog too.

A young woman now, such beauty and grace
intelligence, wit, all stable traits
From carts to cars, a driver's permit,
Out on the highway gives dad a fit.

Soon off to college, leaving the nest
There we're sure you'll past the test.
Will career, family be part of your plans?
It's your decision, we're only fans.

Grammy joins me in wishing you a
happy birthday. Love, Granpa


 Augustus / Houston, Texas / June 2017




  • Author: Augustus (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 28th, 2017 11:49
  • Category: Family
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  • Heather T

    My mother used to say she wished she could have had her grandchildren first. I haven't got to have one just yet, but I hear they are a true joy. Happy Birthday to your special one!

    • Augustus

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Louis Gibbs

      My, they do grow up fast, don't they! You've captured that so well in this fine poem. From one Grandfather to another, a tip of the hat, August. Thanks for this one.

      • Augustus

        Well I'll be. Haven't tipped a hat in a while. Pleased to do so.

        • Louis Gibbs

          A quaint old custom, gone by the wayside along with many others. Thanks for your comment, Augustus.

        • kevin browne

          your work just always seems to get better and better. your talent is ridiculously amazing so, please give us more to consume.

          • Augustus

            Tall order my friend. Will try.

            • kevin browne

              maybe it is a bit of an order but I am confident with the passing of a comfortable time and thought you will rise to make the efforts which you are so brilliant at.

            • malubotelho

              Oh so beautiful. How I would love to have my grandpa writing a poem for me. Or at least getting to know him, that I could never meet. I'm in awe.

              • Augustus

                I did not know any of my grand parents either. I understand. I hope she saves it and reads it 10 years from now. She will really appreciate it then.

              • FredPeyer

                Great Great Poem! Thank you. I am a Grandfather too to four, soon to be five grand-children, and I had planned to write poems for them. Thanks for the reminder!

                • Augustus

                  Makes a nice gift and very special

                • Michael Edwards

                  Well I've got six grandchildren and I wish I'd written this.

                  • Augustus

                    Thanks a bunch.

                  • Gary Edward Geraci

                    Eternal joy and love in family. Refreshing to see a rare gem of a poem like this among so much confusion. A tremendously satisfying read....

                    • Augustus

                      Thanks so much.

                    • onepauly

                      best wishes for her and
                      granma and granpa

                      • Augustus

                        Awh! Thanks

                      • poetboy5454

                        An incredible heart felt sentiment, and although I don't have grandchild I still enjoy this very much! Great pen!

                        • Augustus

                          Thanks a lot.

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