So, I like you a bit more than a hell of a lot
But you're way too good and way too golden for a silver plated girl like me
I tried so hard to see your flaws,
and give reason not to adore,
but it would seem I can't not,
I can't not imagine my life as somewhere in yours
I can't not try to make the most of a friend who's heart could fit one more
And though this year has left us barely a trace,
my hope, like your wonderful spirit

your wonderful mind,

will find us a place





    Thanks for sharing AJ ~ very true to all our experiences ! All us SILVER plated people dream of a GOLD plated Partner and the COPPER plated dream of a SILVER one ! Experience has taught me that as a Silver Plated Knife (YANG) I am happiest in a cutlery box with a Silver Plated Fork (YIN) ~ I might be tempted to look down on COPPER and I know GOLD would look down on me ! This concept of LIKE with LIKE for maximum compatibility is implied in your very elegant Poem ~ Yours BRIAN (UK). Please check my DEJA VU Poem and my FUSIONS ~ Thanks B

  • FredPeyer

    I really like how you use double negatives, making them positives.

    • AJ

      Thank you!

    • Gary Edward Geraci

      The double negatives were a bit distracting for me but I guess one 'can't not' discount the power of grace to lead one out of the fog (I must confess)! Wait a minute....what am I saying here?

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