emotional girl


You hurt me, and all I did was love you

  You broke my heart in a second and didn't even look back

  While I was hurting and broken, you were happy and moving on


You were the reason I had lost hope that day,

 because you vanished when I needed you the most

 You were my rock, the one who kept me sane in this world of madness


I thought you loved me, yet you left me in a heartbeat

 not even daring to look back at the broken soul you had created 

 You broke me, and now I will never be the same.

Because of YOU.









  • FredPeyer

    Wonderful expression of heartache. I do like your writing. As for the content, broken things can get fixed and will be. Time will tell!


    WELCOME TO MPS FRIEND ~ Thanks for your first Poem. Elegantly penned but a very tragic Subject from one so young and beautiful ! It happens ~ and it has happened to me ~ I have never done it to a lady because I am a Gentleman ! The line "You broke me ~ and I will never be the same" really scared me ! In my experience these things pass ~ especially if you meet someone who is worthy of you and really appreciates and loves you ! Thinkin' of you an' Prayin' for you ~ Hugs BRIAN (UK).

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