Shades of green

I stare out of the window at nature's carpet

God's colour - green,

A colour that wears many faces

Wouldn't you agree?

Mother Nature  wears its shades and tones in many places;

From the leaves on the trees, to the leaves on the ground

Where green is the luck of the four leafed clover,

The shamrock the Irish hold so dear,

Pale green shoots and buds of spring

Signalling better weather is near.

Nature's creatures dressed in cloaks of green,

The aphids and caterpillars camouflaged against the predator's eye,

All subtly blending into Mother Nature's skin.

The fruits on the trees, shining like beacons,

The citrus limes and Eve's temptation, Eve's sin

The apple, juicy and ripe ready to lead us into temptation.


I stare out of the window at nature's carpet 

God's colour - green

A colour that wears many faces

Wouldn't you agree?

Mother Nature wears its tones and shades in many places;

On land and at sea, out in the deep,

The green of the oceans' depths holding onto its secrets

As it undulates and ebbs and flows

Towards the Emerald Isle, the jewel of the land,

Where we voyage with awe and trepidation at the power

This swell of green water holds,

In wonder at the contrasts of this mass 

The green tranquility, calm and relaxing turning

Quickly to a green eyed monster, cruel and tempestuous 

Having no care, as history relates,to the many mariners yearning

To master and plunder its green depths, always giving into its temptations.


I stare into your eyes at one of nature's vices

The colour of envy - green

A colour that wears many faces

Wouldn't you agree?

Human nature wears its shades and tones in many places,

The green eyed monster of jealousy,

Coveting what others have with a burning desire

Leaving a wanting, a harmful emotion that erodes,

Feeling comfortable in your cloak of green

Not caring for the hurt envy bodes.

This colour of envy, this shade of green

One of nature's weaker genes, one if nature's parasites 

Splashing its colour in the eyes of the unsure,

Leaving a shade that taints the character

Leaving a green streak that is impure

A shade of temptation to be banished from the artist, Nature's palette.





    Thanks for caring & sharing Sue - Green in all its shades (due to CHLOROPHYLL) gives plants dozens of different Shades of Green - nowhere more so than in Ireland. Johnny Cash noticed this and wrote his iconic song FORTY SHADES OF GREEN !

    I close my eyes and picture the emerald of the sea
    From the fishing boats at Dingle to the shores o Drumalee
    I miss the river Shannon and the folks at Skibbereen
    The Morlands & the Midlands with their Forty shades of Green !

    If you have ever been to IRELAND - you will know what JOHNNY saw ! BRIAN

  • Heather T

    What a beautiful guided tour of green in all of its incarnations. Nice!

  • Micalina

    This is brilliant. I was captured by your words. Loved it so much

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