emotional girl

Tired of being played

Tired of being played

Tired of all the games

It's all driving me insane


All I want is love and respect

But you all take it knowing you can't give it back

This is something you all lack


You play a girls heart like a video game

While saying you will, but knowing you will never change

I know there are a few that are not this way


But what can I say after being played

You broke and scarred my heart

not caring, you just sat back and watched it fall apart


So im sorry if I'm cautious 

Or seem like I don't care 

I'm just tired of being played so I think its pretty fair 


  • Lost Girl

    This is so beautiful not because of what it says directly but what it makes you feel when you read it. I appreciate writers who make you feel and think after hearing their work

    • emotional girl

      Thank you!

      • Lost Girl

        Your welcome, I’ll be checking for new reads :)

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks for another CLASSICAL POEM Sweetheart - Elegant in Structure - but sad and warning in its message. I can say (hand on heart) that I never play a GIRL like an old violin - to be dicarded when my tune is satiated - you are much to unique and preciuous for that - BUT I do like to PLEASURE My Ladies and always give them what THEY WANT (mutiples) and I always leave the happy & satisfied. When i "make love" . the focus is always on the Lady. I have been PLAYED by LADIES and i did not like it ! Playing with a Lady's affection not only breaks their (G)strings it breaks their hearts as well and that is unforgivable ! You are worth much better | thanks for sharing & caring - Thinking of you and Praying for you | Love & Hugs - BRIAN

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